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We strive to change the way assistive technology works for you by incorporating emerging technologies.

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Dynamic Strategy

We are constantly reworking and changing our strategies and methods to meet the current situation. We understand that it would be much easier to stay static and follow through without addressing the ever changing environment, but that is exactly what we are trying to change.

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We are constantly coming up with new takes on old ideas. Creating and exploring all of these new technologies may be an endless job, but someone has got to do it.

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Open Source

All of our software is open source. We want to involve the community as much as possible and allow them to try out new features or comment and submit new ideas that they would like us to work on.

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Take a Look at some of the awesome stuff we have been up to. Here we document our development process and keep you all up to date on all the cool things us cats do.

Testing Mic to Vibration

Testing Mic to Vibration

Nov 22, 2017

After testing our parts individually, we went ahead and put together our components: the mic with the vibration module. We had to tinker with the code but a static sound persisted.

Testing Mic to Vibration

Resistor Solution

Nov 24, 2017

With a lot of trial and error and some research we discovered that the static sound was due to too much current going to the mic. So we added a "train" of resistors to reduce the current. It worked! The sound quality was to our liking.

Working Prototype

Assembling the Glasses

Nov 28, 2017

After we were satisfied with the quality of sound coming from the vibration module, we soldered the last parts together and assembled our prototype glasses.

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